Wheel Tech – Design, Features and Sizing

Curious about the design and features of your wheels? Confused by offset versus backspacing? This Carbage video gives you the details about your wheels!

There is more to your wheel than it being the thing that your tires attach to. There are parts designed into each wheel that passenger cars and trucks all use in one form or another. That’s why your wheels are more advanced than you give them credit for. In this video, Carbage Host, Justin Banner, will take you through each part of a wheel and go over some terms and considerations you need to make just before you purchase your next set of wheels.

The Wheels on the Truck. Or Car. Or Whatever.

We’re sure there has been a time or two when you’ve looked at your brand-new wheels, just before your tires were mounted, and thought, “why is it made like that?” Or you’re looking at a set of new wheels and where one manufacturer gives you the offset, another gives you backspacing. How do you compare that and why are either one important? Well, today we’re going to discuss those those features and go into fitment as well has how offset and backspacing relate to each other.

The Video

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Justin Banner

Justin Banner, Lead Editor and Founder of Carbage Online, has been involved with the automotive media and industry in many capacities and now tackles publication ownership with CarbageOnline.com. Prior to that, he has freelanced for top online publications of modern media that include Speedhunters, MotoIQ, Super Street Online, Hot Rod Magazine and many others. All due to his nearly 20 years experience as a mechanic, service writer, and technical support in the automotive industry. Justin is also a Journalist Level member of the Motor Press Guild - an industry recognized entity of professional automotive journalists - since 2015.