The SNORE McKenzie’s Rage at the River – Part 2

It’s the close of this event that reminds me why I like the McKenzie’s Rage at the River. There is a feeling I get while attending it that I don’t get anywhere else.

It’s somewhat hard to explain. I’ve been to the King of the Hammers, I’ve been to the Mint 400, and I’ve been to off-road races and events in between. They all have a common theme of being off-road, but the Rage at the River is different. A good different.

Not Everyone Is A Big Shot

While there are unlimited trucks out here and guys like Harley Letner come out, everyone here is a relative unknown outside of SNORE or MORE. I think this leads off to a good thing to start with as no one is out there trying to prove their name is more than a family legacy. Even with final points on the line for the 2018 SNORE season, you don’t feel much tension in the air.

It’s a much looser feeling event, one where you feel comfortable being at and unafraid to approach anyone. You don’t feel like you’re a bother until you absolutely get in the way. RatR is more of an end-of-year celebration than a race and creates a much better atmosphere than you’d expect.

It Is Still A Race, Though

Even so, there are still points on the line here. Many of these drivers are looking to close out the year with not only a win but championship trophy as well. While those points are yet to be calculated at the time this article goes out, there are several classes that are tight right up to the last lap of Day Two of Rage at the River.

There are bonus points, volunteer points (remember, SNORE is entirely volunteer run), and points to be thrown out. Worst finishes are thrown out simply because not everyone can make every SNORE event. While they try their best, there are events that butt up against each other and sometimes sponsor commitments prevent drivers from attending every SNORE sanctioned race.

Two Days Doesn’t Feel Like Enough

I say that only because of how much fun Rage at the River is. It almost makes me wish it was a week-long event just like the King of the Hammers, but many of the drivers and crews are here for fun. For many here, desert racing is a hobby. They don’t want it much more than that because they have a day job. Some are out here to get a career started, sure, but most everyone that’s at RatR is here to have fun, race for the weekend, then come back home to their normal lives.

That’s probably the other reason Rage is fun. These guys and gals are all blue collar, average people who save their money for a race car to drive in the desert. It’s like being at a short track on a Saturday night. That’s probably the best way to describe the feeling I get from SNORE and Rage at the River.

Day 2 Results and Combined

Here are the Top Three results for Each Class after Day Two with the Overall Winner listed afterwards:

Stock Bug

1. 1113 Fierro Robles
2. 1118 Cisco Bio
3. 1162 Rick Boyer
Overall: 1118 Cisco Bio

Unlimited Sportsman Truck

1. 644 Brent Smoothy
2. 619 Fred Hatch
3. 613 Mike Frye
Overall: 613 Mike Frye

Unlimited Sportsman

1. 1524m Conner McMullen
2. 1561 Michael Decker
3. 1576 Dennis Carrillo
Overall: 1561 Michael Decker

Limited Sportsman

1. 1392 Garrett Curran
2. 1330 Heather Herrmann
3. 1362 Julie Boyer
Overall: 1392 Garrett Curran

Class 3000

1. 3014 Matt Kessman
2. 3022 Andrew Yurcho
3. 3005 Tom Coons
Overall: 3005 Tom Coons

Class 9

1. 908 Eric Ruble
2. 938 Christian Anderson
3. 923 Justin Cockrell
Overall: 938 Christian Anderson

Class 5 – 1600

1. 588 Jeremy Hendrickson
2. 596 Mark Winston
3. 552 Robert Gross, Jr.
Overall: 552 Robert Gross, Jr.

Class 1/2 – 1600

1. 1612 Brock Heger
2. 1634 Curt Geer
3. 1601 Kenny Freeman
Overall: 1634 Curt Geer

Class 7s

1. 7148 Jermy Henderson
2. 7147 Justin Park
3. 7173 Kevin Baugh
Overall: 7148 Jermy Henderson

Champ Car

1. 1801 Ken Freeman
Overall: 1801 Ken Freeman

5 Unlimited

1. 514 John Willard
2. 535 Zac Reish
3. 511M LJ Kennedy
Overall: 535 Zac Reish

Side-by-Side (SXS) Turbo/Unlimited

1. 2991 Sierra Romo
2. 2922 Nicholas Turner
3. 2974 Randy Romo
Overall: 2991 Sierra Romo

Side-by-Side (SXS) Limited

1. 1941 Broc Smith
2. 1974 Jason Brisco
3. 1977 Scott Davis
Overall: 1977 Scott Davis

Side-by-Side Sportsman

1. 3944 Greggory McNair
Overall: 3944 Greggory McNair

Class 12

1. 1218 Cesar Gustavo and Pinuelas Rivers
2. 1299 Vic Bruckman
3. 1242 Jason Lackey
Overall: 1218 Cesar Gustavo and Pinuelas Rivers

Class 10

1. 1074 Brock Heger
2. 1024m Conner McMullen
3. 1023 Broc Dickerson
Overall: 1074 Brock Heger

Class 7200

1. 7213 Jacob Frye
2. 7252 Broc Ross
Overall: Jacob Frye

450 Pro

1. 494 Vincent Munoz
2. 443 Jeremy Deakins
3. 467 Jason Arnold
Overall: 494 Vincent Munoz

Class 6100

1. 6142 Bryce Swaim
2. 6111 Jason McNeil
3. 6185 Matt Laughlin
Overall: 6111 Jason McNeil

Unlimited Truck

1. 70 Kevin Thompson
2. 10 Corey Howell
3. 79 Russell Buehler
Overall: 70 Kevin Thompson

Class 1

1. 175 James Dean
2. 157 Joey Westhoff
3. 109 Tony Murray
Overall: 157 Joey Westhoff


1. 2069 Kevin Benali
2. 2003 Mike Bach
3. 2073 Kevin Baugh
Overall: 2003 Mike Bach


1. 1457 Chris Isenhouer
2. 1400 Bret Jenkins
3. 1403 Dan Fertal
Overall: 1400 Bret Jenkins

Class 8

1. 855 Monte Tibbits
Overall: 855 Monte Tibbits

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