The Carbage Driver’s Program

Struggling to get magazines and publications to print your press releases? Looking to improve the return on investment your sponsors expect from your program? Starting today, Carbage wants to help by introducing the Carbage Driver’s Program. An opportunity to keep your sponsorships happy and potentially make some money back, too.

What is the Carbage Driver’s Program?

Well, it’s a way for drivers to earn money while helping drive subscribers to Carbage. Drivers I accept to the program will be given a code to discount an Annual Subscription to $10. This gives fans exclusive Premium Content access and content two-weeks earlier than free users. For every subscription that driver’s code gets, they receive $5.00.

The other benefit is that he and those drivers will be able to get their race reports and press releases out there, guaranteed. This is a struggle these drivers face as many magazines and outlets outside of their own series (sometimes, not even then) don’t publish their content. This is crucial for sponsorship opportunities for these drivers and teams as it shows their current and future sponsorships that there is a return on investment.

Why This Is Important To Any Race Team or Driver

Sponsoring isn’t just about slapping a decal on your car and calling it a day. Those sponsors expect their names and products to get out there in the media. They want to see logos and products in the media so you guys can see it. These drivers represent a brand just like a salesman does. If a salesman can’t perform, they’re fired. In the case of a driver, they lose money that would have kept them racing.

Not only is Carbage presenting them this opportunity but is paying them for a bit of work by posting their discount code where they can. $5 doesn’t seem like a lot on its own, but when you start to multiply that amount, you start to realize just how much money that can help a driver in their racing program. For example, $5 could become $500 if they get 100 subscribers. That’s money can go towards a few parts or even improving their own program by hiring some help for a race weekend.

What Duties Do They Have to Carbage?

Other than providing content from their race weekends and when they want to post cool stuff up they share their code, there is nothing more the driver or team must do. If they want to run a Carbage decal on their car, cool, but it’s not required at this time. Just share their code and give me content to produce on the site. Obviously, my goal is to increase subscriptions to the site to hire writers, photographers, and videographers to produce even more content.

If a driver is having trouble with writing, I’m here to take care of that, too. It’s part of my job as a “lead editor” to go over their content and make it work for the site. I’m also responsible for pushing out their articles on Carbage’s platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and everywhere else I can get it out to. So, promotion of their content doesn’t end with the driver or team. This is a partnership between all of us.

The Off Season Is Coming, You Need Exposure

With October quickly approaching, we’re seeing many series wind down for the 2018 season. Many beginner drivers assume that their job is done when the season is over. The reality is their jobs have only increased in responsibility. The worst thing a driver or team can do is be silent in the off season. Fans want to know what you’re doing. Sponsors want to see you take advantage of that to continue to push their brands. Your driving season may have ended, but their sales season will be taking off in just a couple of months and that means yours sponsorship program has to change gears.

That’s what’s going to make this program important for drivers. I’m giving a way for their programs to be better at ROI, even in just the slightest bit. A driver with good media coverage will almost always get sponsorships over a driver with good results. It’s not fair, I’ll admit that, but at the end of the day these cars are rolling billboards and the drivers are an extension of a brand’s sales team.

You Want In?

If you’re interested, I am looking for other drivers, but I’m limiting it to six drivers total for 2018. It’s not just drifting that I’m looking for: off-road, drag racing, road racing, and even vehicle builders, too. Send a resume to justin@carbageonline.com that details your experience, your social media presence, a confirmed schedule for 2018 and into 2019, and current sponsorships. I will be looking into you and deciding if I want you in the initial program. This is your first season racing or competing? Don’t be afraid to reach out, either. I’ll take you into consideration and I’ll try my best to help nurture you but won’t guarantee that you’ll hit the big time right away or at all. There’s still some luck involved with that.

Justin Banner

Justin Banner, Lead Editor and Founder of Carbage Online, has been involved with the automotive media and industry in many capacities and now tackles publication ownership with CarbageOnline.com. Prior to that, he has freelanced for top online publications of modern media that include Speedhunters, MotoIQ, Super Street Online, Hot Rod Magazine and many others. All due to his nearly 20 years experience as a mechanic, service writer, and technical support in the automotive industry. Justin is also a Journalist Level member of the Motor Press Guild - an industry recognized entity of professional automotive journalists - since 2015.

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