The Nexen Rodian MTX Debut at SEMA

Nexen Tire USA finally gets into the lucrative off-road market with the new Rodian MTX.

During the 2017 SEMA Show, Nexen Tire USA finally dropped into the Off-Road market with a tire that looks worthy of the market – the Rodian MTX, their take on the Extreme Mud-Terrain design. It’s a reversible tire that features two very different sidewall patterns, known as “Beast” and “Machine”, to allow buyers to use the sidewall of their choice at mounting. The Rodian MTX is designed, according to Nexen, specifically for the “Extreme Off-Roader” like Rock Crawlers, Mud Terrain, DOT Tire Short Course Racers, and other extreme terrain types.

Interview with Paul Jho

Dual Sidewall

Nexen Tire USA Photos

The tread pattern of the Rodian MTX that was show at the SEMA Show is reversible, meaning the tread will work in either direction. The sidewalls feature dual patterns as well. On the one side you have the “Machine”, a blocky sidewall that’s a bit more traditional and understated when you compare it to the other side. That side is known as the “Beast”, a reptilian pattern with claws that are ready to tear into the dirt. While you would think to distinct sidewall patterns would be hard to match on a reversible tire, they blend into the tread very well and look like to very different tires.

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Nexen appears to be very serious about their entry into the truck and SUV market with the Rodian MTX. According to sources at the company, they are testing these tires across Southern California ranging from places like Johnson Valley, Ocotillo Wells, Calico, Stoddard Wells, and the highways like the 405, 15, and 5. Paul Jho, Senior Motorsports Manager at Nexen Tire USA, also added that he and his team will be researching various off-road events like King of the Hammers, the Lucas Oil Off Road Series, The Off Road Championship, and many others throughout 2018 with a plan to enter a series in 2019.

Planned Launch

Nexen Tire USA Photo

The official launch of the Nexen Rodian MTX will be Quarter 1 of 2018 in most popular sizes first, with more coming by the Summer of 2018 ranging from 15- to 22-inch wheel fitments from 265/75R16 (31.5-inch OD) to 37X13.50R22 along with the ever popular 33×12.50R15 and 35×12.50R15 sizing.

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