The SNORE McKenzie’s Rage at the River – Part 1

It’s been a few years since I was last at the Rage at the River. Coming back, I now remember why I loved the event as much as I did the first time.

I truly love the McKenzie’s Rage at the River. For an event that is almost a decade old – the first Rage at the River was in 2009 – it hasn’t shown any slowing down since my first RatR in 2013. So, that’s why I was excited to come back this year.


RatR is sanctioned by the Southern Nevada Off-Road Enthusiasts (SNORE) and the Mojave Off-Road Racing Enthusiasts (MORE), two premier off-road sanctioning bodies of the southwest outside of the Best in the Desert (BITD). As their name states, SNORE races within the southern region of Nevada with nothing but a staff of volunteers since 1969, however, you wouldn’t be able to tell that just due to how well the event is run.

MORE, by contrast, started in 1997 and holds races in Southern California from Barstow to Lucerne Valley to Glen Helen. Both series cater to “the little guy” with many drivers we know and idolize today getting their start in SNORE, MORE, or both. For one December weekend every year since 2009, they have both hosted the Rage at the River in Laughlin, Nevada.

Growth but Still a Family Feel

Its start was very humble, small prize payments with BMS OFFROAD the first headlining sponsor in its inaugural event. Today, it’s hosted by McKenzie’s with a prize pool of nearly $50,000. There is a good reason for that: there were over 350 entries for 2018. For this one race that’s not even quite a decade old.

It’s not just the prize money, though. Laughlin, Nevada has some of the most scenic land you could race on. It’s also sandwiched between two state lines: California and Arizona. You’re also right off the Colorado River (hence the name of the event) with hotels and casinos nearly within walking distance of the main pit.

Not A Test of Endurance

The race is a “short course” with a 15-mile loop making up the track. With most heats racing to four or five laps, this isn’t an endurance race like most open desert races are. It’s the last race of the year and most people who participate aren’t in it for the points but to have a last blast before 2019 begins.

However, it is a race and there are final championship points on the line for a few of the closer classes. That being said, most drivers don’t get in each other’s way or ruin another’s day. Besides, if you’re naughty, Father Christmas will see you. This close to Christmas, you don’t want to get on his bad list or you won’t get those shocks that you need for next year.

Day 1 Results

Here are the Top Three results for Each Class after Day One:

Unlimited Sportsman Truck

1. 699 John Koeth
2. 613 Mike Frye

Unlimited Sportsman

1. 1524 Wheeler Morgan
2. 1545 John Morgan
3. 1569 Brett Jeffers

Limited Sportsman

1. 1392 Garrett Curran
2. 1325 Lani Austin
3. 1325 Heather Hermann

Stock Bug

1. 1118 Cisco Bio
2. 1113 Fierro Robles
3. 1121 Jorge Ventura

Side-by-Side Sportsman

1. 3944 Greggory McNair

Class 3000

1. 3005 Tom Coons
2. 3014 Matt Kessman
3. 3074 Ian Scott

Class 7s

1. 7173 Kevin Baugh
2. 7148 Jermy Henderson
3. 7106 Andrew Becerra

Class 9

1. 938 Christian Anderson
2. 908 Eric Ruble
3. 918 Nathan Cripps

Class 5 – 1600

1. 557 Mario Ledezma, Jr.
2. 563 Nick Gross
3. 552 Robert Gross, Jr.

Class 1/2 – 1600

1. 1673 Michael “Bud” Ward
2. 1634 Curt Geer
3. 1615 Abraham Guiterrez

Champ Car

1. 1801 Ken Freeman

Class 10

1. 1074 Brock Heger
2. 1012 Blane Conrad
3. 1023 Broc Dickerson

5 Unlimited

1. 535 Zac Reish
2. 514 John Willard
3. 511M LJ Kennedy

Class 12

1. 1299 Vic Bruckman
2. 1218 Cesar Gustavo and Pinuelas Rivers
3. 1242 Jason Lackey

Side-by-Side (SXS) Turbo/Unlimited

1. 2932 Randy Adams
2. 2988 Mitchel Alsup
3. 2922 Nicholas Turner

Side-by-Side (SXS) Limited

1. 1977 Scott Davis
2. 1974 Jason Brisco
3. 1999 David Foster

450 Pro

1. 494 Vincent Munoz
2. 428 Steven Mann
3. 467 Jason Arnold

Class 7200

1. 7213 Jacob Frye
2. 7252 Broc Ross
3. 7203 Sean Argentino

Class 6100

1. 6111 Jason McNeil
2. 6142 Bryce Swaim
3. 6191 Fred Hatch


1. 1407 Tim Weston
2. 1400 Bret Jenkins
3. 1457 Chris Isenhouer

Unlimited Truck

1. 7 Harley Letner
2. 90 Josh Daniel
3. 70 Kevin Thompson

Class 1

1. 152 Joe David
2. 121 Derek Baicunas
3. 157 Joey Westhoff


1. 2003 Mike Bach
2. 2073 Kevin Baugh
3. 2069 Kevin Benali

Day 2 is Next, Gallery, and Subsribe

I’ve got more coverage coming from Day Two tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the gallery I’ve got from Day One of Rage at the River. You must be a Premium Subscriber to view, so subscribe today!

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