Dan Fresh and Savvy Off Road Take The Provisional Win at EMC

Dan Fresh, in a Rubicon Express 4500 Modified Class rig, takes the provisional win at the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge.

Off-road racer and OC Motorsports’ Manager, Dan Fresh takes the provisional win in class and overall in the Savvy Motorsports built Fox Shocks Jeep. This win marks the fourth time this chassis has taken the overall at EMC – its first win was with John Currie and the 2013 Every Man Challenge and its third was with Brandon Currie in 2015.

Class Wins Equaled Overall Podiums

Casey Gilbert wound up finishing second overall and first in class with the Miller Motorsports 4800 Legends Class rig. Jessi Combs in the Savvy Off Road Jeep Wrangler won the Pro Comp 4600 Stock Class and took third overall. Brad Lovell wasn’t able to repeat his overall win this year but was able to finish prior to the 5pm PST cutoff time.

More coming soon but for now, congratulations to Dan Fresh and Savvy Off Road as well as Fox Shocks.

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