Content Creation and Copywriting Services

Offering Small Businesses A Big Business Feel

As a small business in a global economy, content creation can make or break a company. However, that means you would need someone who would be dedicated to achieving that for your own automotive business. This means hiring someone who’s goal is to create content for you rather than creating direct sales. As a small business – repair shop, custom parts, or even rental services – that is where you should choose to dedicate someone with a full-time salary and benefits to. This is where Carbage’s Content Creation and Copywriting Services come in.

Hiring is Good, When You Have the Budget

While you should always strive to hire people to work with you and help continue to create a stronger economy for your community, that’s not always in the budget when you’re a small business. Our services provide you with a way to educate your customers, make your site relevant beyond a landing page, create product descriptions and make people return without the high budget of a salaried employee. It also means that your sales force can remain focused on bringing your company sales rather than be distracted by posting on Facebook, Instagram, or trying to create content for your site.

This also means you don’t have to dedicate time towards the hiring process, which can take weeks rather than a couple of meetings. We have the staff that specializes in the automotive industry who have worked in or around it for most of their lives. You also get a staff of people who have worked with professional media outlets recognized around the US and the world. You’re getting professional content creators and copywriters who know the industry, so you also don’t have to dedicate time towards educating a new employee or even an agency who has not worked in the industry.

What We Can Provide

Thanks to our connections within the automotive media sector, we create content that is unique from the average content creation agency and can provide Business-To-Business connections that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to. The information we provide in our educational automotive technical content will always be relevant and factually correct because we have been in the automotive business ourselves. The photos and videos we create will gather attention and look more professional than what a salesman can capture with their phone because that is our business. We have the tools just like an automotive technician would, we just capture the world around us rather than replace that camshaft timing sensor that just went bad on your loyal customer’s car.

Here are just some of the things we can provide:

  • Social Media Posting including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter
  • Blog and Technical Articles
  • Professional Photography and Videography Captures
  • Copywrite Services
  • Provide Industry Connections

Services Within A Budget

We work with small businesses and we know that your budget is limited. We can offer individual services or full packages that meet your needs and budgets. Contact justin@carbageonline.com with your needs and we’ll work out a package that works for your business.

Current and Past Clients

Companies who have utilized Carbage for their Content

Copy Writing, Web Content, Photography
Copy Writing, Web Content, Photography
Press Release Work for Mint 400
Press Release Work for Mint 400
Videos for Narvaez Racing YouTube Channel
Videos for Narvaez Racing YouTube Channel