Compact Crossover Shootout

There are many people in the SUV and Truck worlds who look down on the compact crossover – a car-based sport utility vehicle. Even I had my doubts but the more I drive them, the more I start to understand their appeal. You get the comfort of a small sized car, but you don’t look […]

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Volkswagen Atlas Tanoak Concept – Return of the Caddy

Volkswagen unveiled their latest concept vehicle – the Atlas Tanoak pickup. If built, we could technically say it’s history repeating itself at VW. Modern and Proper Caddy The Tanoak concept certainly has the look of a truck that’s ready to launch tomorrow. However, it might be just a little bit of time before we see […]

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Scumbuggin’ Around – Hoonigan’s 1973 Volkswagen Beetle

I’m a sucker for Baja Bugs. Those little cars were what got me into off-roading in Virginia in the first place. You can say I was a fan of the Scumbug the moment Hoonigan got theirs. If there is one thing I have vowed to own one day besides a good 4WD vehicle, it’s a […]

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