Daimler Killing the Internal Combustion Engine?

If a recent report is correct, there will be no further development in their internal combustion engine (ICE) lineup. Electric motors are their main focus. As we continue forward in the automotive world, electric vehicles are looking more like our inevitable future from a mass production and manufacturing standpoint. Volkswagen has already committed towards ending […]

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China Trade, Tariffs, and the Automotive Aftermarket

The automotive world is a global economy and one of the major producers has been China. How will current and future tariffs affect the industry? In major media coverage of the tariffs against China, we hear about how it will impact large scale companies like the automotive manufacturers. We haven’t heard how it will affect […]

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Jessi Combs – July 27, 1980 – August 27, 2019

In an attempt at breaking her own record in a Jet Car, Jessi Combs was involved in an incident that has tragically taken her life. She was 39. There are many people we all look to as heroes in the automotive world. Few transcended multiple genres like Jessi Combs did as both men and women […]

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Dirt Time Attack – Does Off-Road Need Its Version of Super Lap Battle?

I’ve always had this idea: is there a way to bring people who build and drive these amazing, street legal prerunners out and race them in a safe environment. While the 1400 and 1450 Classes as well as “prerunner fun runs” exist in open desert, it’s not quite what I had in mind. I’d like […]

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