Electric Vehicles

Daimler Killing the Internal Combustion Engine?

If a recent report is correct, there will be no further development in their internal combustion engine (ICE) lineup. Electric motors are their main focus. As we continue forward in the automotive world, electric vehicles are looking more like our inevitable future from a mass production and manufacturing standpoint. Volkswagen has already committed towards ending […]

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Tesla Service Center in San Antonio for sale at $4.75-Million

A Tesla Service Center in San Antonio, Texas goes up for $4.75-million, but is it a sign that Tesla is going down? No and read more on why. A press release from B+E, an investment brokerage firm in New York, NY, came out with an interesting headline. “Tesla San Antonio Service Center Location for sale […]

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Volkswagen ID.R Sets New Record on Tianmen Shan

Setting the first ever time up the 99-turn Tianmen Shan Big Gate Road, Romain Dumas and the ID.R continue to push electric vehicle performance records. Look, it’s no secret: I love EVs as much as I love ICE cars. So, when the ID.R sets a new record, it’s something I look into. This one, however, […]

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The New Hot Rodders – EV Cars in Racing

Electric Vehicles are coming to racing. Should you be frightened? No, here’s why!

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