AutoVloggin’ – Carbage at the LA Auto Show

So, while I’m recovering from this cold, or flu, or whatever it is that’s making me sore, cranky, causing my nose run, and ruin my voice for video work – I’ve decided to go ahead and edit the collection of videos I did at the LA Auto Show, also known as Automobility LA. Video These […]

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AutoVloggin’ – Project Decisions and a Visit to CSF Radiators

So, it’s decision time and we’re driving to CSF Radiators to get a replacement for the 2000 Nissan Pathfinder So, after a dismal showing on YouTube with 35 views at the time of writing this and only four votes (a total of 11-percent of views, about 0.26-percent of subscribers, and 200-percent of Patreon Supporters), I’ve […]

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AutoVloggin – Pathfinder Window and Blower Motor

In this long AutoVloggin post, I try to figure out what’s going on with the window motor and blower motor on the Pathfinder before we choose what to do with the chassis. The passenger side window doesn’t go down in the 2000 Nissan Pathfinder, so I go though and figure out why it doesn’t and […]

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AutoVloggin – Project Vehicle, You Say?

Well, after much thought, it’s time to create a dedicated project vehicle just for Carbage. In this post on AutoVloggin’, I discuss the plan for the 2000 Nissan Pathfinder where you guys get to choose its fate by liking or disliking the video. By liking, you are saying that you want to see the R50 […]

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AutoVolggin’ – Catching Up

So, now that the SEMA Show is done, we can do a little catching up on this first ever video blog I have done. Today, I’m introducing AutoVloggin’ with “Catching Up”. This may or may not be a daily vlog, but the idea is simply talking about things related to the automotive field, Carbage, and, […]

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