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We're dedicated to automotive entertainment and education, all within the do-it-yourself in your home garage skill and tool set. We also report automotive news, industry interviews, and more.


To educate and entertain within the domain of the do-it-yourself in your home garage crowd.


Justin Banner

Founder and Lead Editor, justin@carbageonline.com

I started as a freelance journalist covering Formula Drift in 2007 and have been expanding my role ever since. My passion for motorsports is nearly unrivaled and if it uses propulsion and wheels I'm into it. I write, announce, and create content for a variety of organizations and specialize in the more technical side of automotive.

If you need someone who can explain the difference between a differential and a distributor to someone unfamiliar with cars, I am your specialist! Thanks to over 10 years experience as an automotive technician and service writer, I have gained the ability required to know how to talk to people about their automotive products. This alone makes me very unique in everything from event announcing to writing as I will understand your product and can relate it back to your target audience.

My experience in broadcast in both terrestrial radio and podcasting expands my role from beyond writing. I have the ability to host shows and provide my technical expertise to any automotive subject. I have great mic control, crowd interaction, and the ability to adjust on the fly in a live environment.