Month: December 2018

The New Hot Rodders – EV Cars in Racing

Electric Vehicles are coming to racing. Should you be frightened? No, here’s why!

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The SNORE McKenzie’s Rage at the River – Part 2

It’s the close of this event that reminds me why I like the McKenzie’s Rage at the River. There is a feeling I get while attending it that I don’t get anywhere else. It’s somewhat hard to explain. I’ve been to the King of the Hammers, I’ve been to the Mint 400, and I’ve been […]

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The SNORE McKenzie’s Rage at the River – Part 1

It’s been a few years since I was last at the Rage at the River. Coming back, I now remember why I loved the event as much as I did the first time. I truly love the McKenzie’s Rage at the River. For an event that is almost a decade old – the first Rage […]

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Mike DuSold Take Overall At OUSCI 2018

If there is one car and builder that deserves the title of “Ultimate Street Car,” you would be hard pressed to say that Mike DuSold and his twin-turbo 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, known as “Maiden Texas,” doesn’t deserve it. However, it wasn’t an easy fight as he and Austin Barnes were at tooth and nail the […]

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Super Lap Battle 2018

The 2018 running of the Super Lap Battle was certainly one to remember, just not for the right reasons by other media. While everyone wants to talk about the Tesla disqualification, the bigger news was Can-Jam Motorsports and Richard Boake taking the Unlimited AWD record – one that stood for nearly four years. First, I […]

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The 2018 Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo

The Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo presented by General Tire is the second biggest show for off-roading in the US. Well, just after the SEMA Show, anyway. I’d also argue that it’s the fourth biggest event you can hit in the US when you include the big races like The Mint 400, The King of the […]

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